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Our philosophy

With life getting busier by the second, we know how hard it is to take care of body, skin and hair proactively. We only realise something is wrong when we see the end effect – rough skin, split-ends, dry skin… the list is endless!

This is caused due to harmful chemicals such as phthalates, parabens and propylene glycol in your products. We, at Purecopeia are on a mission to help you make the right choice by moving natural – back to our Ayurvedic traditions and beliefs.

We’re here to bring transparency into what’s in your product. We want you to know exactly what ingredients we’re using and why. That’s why we at Purecopeia use only plants and flowers with medicinal qualities that are Ayurveda-approved.

Let’s dive into nature’s bounty and progress into using products void of any and all harsh chemicals.

Who we are

Purecopeia is an all-clean range of products for the body, skin, and hair that uses Ayurveda-friendly ingredients to create products that can be used every day.

Ayu-Veda, life, and knowledge originated in India over 5000 years ago and is famously known as alternative healing methods for body, mind, and spirit. Using ingredients seen in nature such as turmeric, lavender, and milk – therapeutic mixtures are created to encourage healthy hair, nails, skin, and more.

What makes Purecopeia special is the method the products are made. Using decoction, we boil all the natural ingredients at a high temperature to extract the wholesome elements of the same, retaining their natural characteristics as much as possible. Once we extract the ingredients, we use natural ingredients such as oils and vegetable butter to give the product consistency. There are no harmful non-natural ingredients such as mineral oils and synthetics used at all.

Welcome to the most natural beauty revolution.

Cosmetic Manufacturing

Our production

Our Indian Ministry of Health approved avant-garde factory is ISO 22716 certified, CGMP compliant, and meets all FDA regulations. This ensures products here are produced safely, and under stringent quality control to ensure that only the best products reach you.

Who makes your products

We’ve hired qualified esthetic professionals who understand how beauty products must be manufactured – with tender, loving care. Since we are GMP certified by the Government of India, we ensure stringent hygiene measures are in place within all our factories – making it a safe environment for workers and you. All our factories are audited regularly to ensure standards are intact.